Affinity Credit Union Gold Master | How to Login | Make Payments | Apply

Affinity Credit Union is a Canadian credit union headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada. It is a financial institution that offers banking, loans, managing assets, investment solutions and more, as well as credit card facilities to their customers. They have quite a few credit cards to choose from and this page will tell you how to go about using the Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard, which has a moderate annual fee of $96. Let’s start with its benefits:

  • Travel medical insurance for you and your family while travelling out of the country.
  • 3.99% rate on balance transfers for 10 months.
  • Rental vehicle benefits, purchase assurance, extended warranty and travel benefits.

How to login to make payments?

  • STEP 1: Head over to the Choice Rewards sign in page, and this page remains the same for logging in to all Affinity Credit Union credit cards.
  • STEP 2: Enter your username and hit ‘Sign In‘.
  • STEP 3: You will see your security image and will have to enter your password on the next page. After doing so, click ‘Submit‘.
Choice Rewards login
Choice Rewards login

Forgot your Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard user ID or password?

The login details retrieval process remains the same for all Affinity Credit Union credit cards.

  • STEP 1: After entering your username, you are taken to the password page.
  • STEP 2: Click on ‘Forgot password?‘ if you have forgotten your password.
  • STEP 3: On the following page, enter your mother’s maiden name and your date of birth.
  • STEP 4: Click ‘Submit‘.
Forgot Choice rewards password
Forgot Choice rewards password

How to apply for an Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard?

  • STEP 1: Visit the Choice Rewards credit card page. You can get here from the Affinity Credit Union website as well.
  • STEP 2: Scroll down and click on ‘Apply Now‘ under the Gold MasterCard credit card.
Apply for Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard
Apply for Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard
  • STEP 3: You will have to select the credit union you are a member of before continuing to fill in the application form. Type in ‘Affinity Credit Union’ and click ‘Continue‘.
  • STEP 4: Consent to the terms and conditions by checking the box.
  • STEP 5: Fill in all details asked for – primary applicant’s information, personal information and employment information.
  • STEP 6: Select whether you want to add an authorized user and choose your card features.
  • STEP 7: Click on ‘Continue‘ to submit the credit card application.
Apply for choice rewards world elite mastercard
Apply for Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard

How to activate your Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard account?

  • STEP 1: Go back to the Choice Rewards sign in page as mentioned at the top of this page.
  • STEP 2: Click ‘New user/Enrol now‘.
  • STEP 3: Complete the authorization by entering your 16-digit card number and click ‘Submit‘.
  • STEP 4: On the next page(s), you will be asked for some information and will be asked to create a username and password to complete the activation of your MasterCard.
Activate Affinity Credit Union World Elite Mastercard
Activate Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard