Cabela’s Club Visa | How to Login | Make Payments | Apply

Cabela’s is an American specialty retailer that deals specifically in hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, boating and other related outdoor activity merchandise. Like most big retailers do, Cabela’s offer their customers the facility of using a credit card as well. The benefits of using the Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card include:

  • Zero annual fees.
  • 2% points back on all Cabela purchases.
  • 1% points back everywhere else Visa is accepted.
  • No points limit.
  • $20 in club points upon card approval, and $10 more after 5 purchases.

How to login to make payments?

  • STEP 1: Head to the Cabela’s Club visa login page. You can navigate here from the Cabela homepage as well.
  • STEP 2: Enter your CLUB Visa username and password.
  • STEP 3: Hit ‘Continue‘. You have the option of remembering your login details on your browser.
Cabela's Club login
Cabela’s Club Login

Forgot your Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card user ID or password?

  • STEP 1: On the same login page, click on ‘Forgot Password‘.
  • STEP 2: On the next page, enter your username, DOB, last 4 digits of SSN and last 4 digits of your account number.¬†Click ‘Submit’ to retrieve your password.
  • STEP 3: Similarly, you can click ‘Forgot Username‘ from the login page.
  • STEP 4: Enter your email address, last 4 digits of your account number and click ‘Submit‘ to retrieve your username.
Retrieve Cabela's Club login details
Retrieve Cabela’s Club Login Details

How to apply for a Cabela’s Club Visa Goods Credit Card?

  • STEP 1: Visit this webpage. Again, it can be navigated from the Cabela’s homepage.
  • STEP 2: Click on Cabela’s Club Visa and scroll down. Click ‘Apply‘.
  • STEP 3: Enter your name, address, email, and other addresses asked for. Also choose whether you’d like to add an authorized user to this account.
  • STEP 4: Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Submit Application‘.
Apply for Cabela's Club Visa card
Apply for Cabela’s Club Visa Card

How to activate your Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card account?

  • STEP 1: From the same card login page, click on ‘Enroll‘.
  • STEP 2: Scroll down and click ‘I agree‘.
  • STEP 3: Fill in all the details as requested.
  • STEP 4: Enter your username and password, and click ‘Enroll‘.
Activation form for Cabela's Club Visa card
Activation form for Cabela’s Club Visa Card