US Bank Visa Platinum | How to Login | Make Payments | Apply

A financial services company founded way back in 1863, US Bank is one of the biggest banks  of the United States of America. They offer various banking solutions to their customers, along with issuing a number of credit cards. They used to have a student credit card as well but that has now been discontinued. This page will take you through how to use the US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card. The benefits of this card include:

  • 0% introductory APR for emergencies bills.
  • 0% introductory APR for tuning up for vehicle.
  • Choose your own credit card due date.

How to login to make payments?

  • STEP 1: Head to the US Bank online banking login page.
  • STEP 2: Select ‘Online Banking’ and enter your Personal ID. You also have the option of remembering this login on your browser.
  • STEP 3: Click ‘Login‘.
US Bank Credit Card Login
US Bank Credit Card Login

Forgot your US Bank Visa Platinum Card user ID or password?

  • STEP 1: From the same login page, click on ‘Forgot ID?‘.
  • STEP 2: Choose between Personal or Business account.
  • STEP 3: Now select one method you would like to use for identification between phone number, email address or card.
  • STEP 4: You will have to enter the details asked for following the option you select, to complete the retrieval process.
Forgot US Bank Login Details
Forgot US Bank Login Details


How to apply for a US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card?

Apply for US Bank Visa Card
Apply for US Bank Visa Card
  • STEP 3: Select whether you are an existing customer or not. Also select between individual or joint application.
  • STEP 4: Fill in all the personal, contact, housing , income, employment and financial details asked for on the next page(s).
  • STEP 5: Read the terms and conditions and click ‘Submit‘.

How to activate your US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card account?

  • STEP 1: Head back to the login page mentioned at the top of this article.
  • STEP 2: Click on ‘Enroll Now‘ for new users.
  • STEP 3: On the verification page that follows, select your type of account held with US Bank.
  • STEP 4: Enter the details asked for and when done, click ‘Continue‘.
Activate US Bank Visa Card
Activate US Bank Visa Card
  • STEP 5: Complete your security options, setup your login details and select your product to complete the activation of your US Bank credit card.